Tim Davys

Tim Davys is the pseudonym for a well-known Swedish public figure, and Amberville is his or her first novel.A dark and stormy night…I was born in a country far, far away. Before the age of 20, I never read a book. Comic books, magazines, and movies taught me how to tell a story. I studied literature, got a job, found a wife, and bought a dog. I studied psychology, got another job, held on to the wife, and wrote a book.Today I'm much older than I used to be. The dog is much older too. I would never comment on the age of my wife. The idea going forward is to stay alive, write a lot more, and adapt to a life in New York City. But if I've learnt on thing in this life (and I know I have), it's this: It's never going to turn out the way you intended.
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