Joy Deja KIng

National Bestselling Author, Joy Deja King, also known as the Literary Sweetheart, is taking her writing skills and delving into the world of Hip-Hop. With a strong passion for music and with over 100k views in just 1 month on YouTube for her latest videoI’m The Bomb, her fans are sticking by her side no matter what she does. As a writer, Joy produced young, hip and sexy novels that introduced readers to street life in all its complexity of the glamorous entertainment industry. With twenty novels under her belt and the fact that she was the #1 ESSENCE Bestselling Author seven months straight in 2009, Joy is taking the words from a page and putting them to a beat. Her start to it all began when she headed to New York City to attend Pace University. Joy’s parents’ believed her ambition was to attend college and obtain her journalism degree but she had other plans. With stars in her eyes, Joy juggled attending classes while interning at PR firm the Terrie Williams Agency. Along the way Joy quickly realized that New York was definitely the city of dreams but everything in New York is certainly not what it seems.
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