Stacy Kaiser

Stacy Kaiser

Stacy Kaiser is a licensed psychotherapist, author, relationship expert, body language expert, and media personality with more then 100 television appearances in the last year on major networks, including CNN, NBC, CBS, HLN, MSN, NBC, and FOX. She is Access Hollywood’s resident Body Language Expert and has counseled people on Tyra Banks’s, Greg Behrendt’s, and Larry Elder’s nationally syndicated talk shows, as well as on The Real Housewives of Orange County, VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, and Lifetime’s DietTribe. Stacy has a reputation for bringing a unique mix of thoughtful and provocative insight to a wide range of topics. She has worked with thousands of individuals, couples,and families for the last twenty years through her private practice, corporate consulting, and on television. Her philosophy for growth and change emphasizes being honest with yourself and others, and taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. She believes with the right techniques, guidance, and support, anyone can make lasting changes. After providing counseling to thousands of individuals both in her private practice and the media, Stacy has identified ten critical areas needed to develop the skills necessary to become a successful, happy and fulfilled adult. In her new book How to Be a Grown Up: The Ten Secret Skills Everyone Needs to Know, published by HarperCollins, Stacy opens with a provocative quiz that helps the reader gain insight into his or her current level of lifemastery. In the following chapters, she breaks down the readers strengths and weaknesses to guide them toward improving in the ten areas so that they can maximize their success andultimately their life. Since 1994, Stacy Kaiser has also worked with corporations, public institutions, government agencies, and philanthropic organizations, and has assisted the FBI with,communication skills and the Los Angeles Fire Department with tools to counsel people after 9/11. In addition to her numerous television appearances, her expertise and perspective have been solicited by major corporations, public institutions, government agencies, and philanthropic organizations.

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