David Craig

Dr. David Craig is an international expert in undercover operations and lie-detection techniques. He has conducted extensive research in undercover programs in the United States (FBI, DEA, US Customs), Canada (RCMP), the United Kingdom (Scotland Yard, National and Scottish Crime Squad), and the Netherlands (Politie).




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Saga is a subsidiary of Egmont.
Dušica Gavrilovi殩has quoted4 days ago
Egmont is Denmark’s largest media company and fully owned by the Egmont Foundation, which donates almost 13,4 million euros annually to children in difficult circumstances.
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When I first began researching the subject of lie detection years ago, I realised that there were many high-level academic papers and textbooks on the subject, but no credible and easy-to-read guides offering knowledge and skills that could be put straight into practice – so I decided to write one.
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