John Boyd



Mariia Kuschenkovahas quoted2 years ago
We believe that your individual attitude toward time is largely learned, and that you generally relate to time in an unconscious, subjective manner—and that, as you become more conscious of your attitude on time, you can change your perspective for the better.
Each of us, in fact, has a time perspective that is largely unconscious and subjective.
We all divide the continual flow of our experiences into time frames that help to give order, coherence, and meaning to events.
Mariia Kuschenkovahas quoted2 years ago
Although the prisoners could have escaped their dismal daily grind by sharing with other prisoners their past identities and future hopes for when the experiment would be over, they rarely did so.
Mariia Kuschenkovahas quoted2 years ago
These mock prisoners had quickly imprisoned themselves in despair by focusing on very recent negative experiences of only days in a mock prison.
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