Three Initiates

Pseudonym of William W. Atkinson




Fernando Martinezhas quotedlast year
All the fundamental and basic teachings embedded in the esoteric teachings of every race may be traced back to Hermes
Aldo Gabriel Verón Portillohas quoted3 months ago
The Hermetic Teachings are that Man may use Law to overcome laws, and that the higher will always prevail against the lower, until at last he has reached the stage in which he seeks refuge in the LAW itself, and laughs the phenomenal laws to scorn. Are you able to grasp the inner meaning of this?
Francisco Samourhas quoted10 months ago
The Hermetists have never sought to be martyrs, and have, instead, sat silently aside with a pitying smile on their closed lips, while the "heathen raged noisily about them" in their customary amusement of putting to death and torture the honest but misguided enthusiasts who imagined that they could force upon a race of barbarians the truth capable of being understood only by the elect who had advanced along The Path.


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