Joyce Carol Oates

    Kuenzang Chodenhas quoted2 years ago
    “Or even, maybe,” Zack said excitedly, “the different ways of human speech are crude and clumsy and are actually pointing toward the same thing, but different languages make them confused. Like, ”God‘ is behind the religions, like the sun you can’t look at directly, you’d go blind, except if there was no sun, see, then you would really be blind, because you couldn’t see a damned thing. Maybe it’s like that?“
    Itzel Robleshas quoted2 years ago
    As the fourth, so much younger wife, Mariana felt no triumph, but rather more a guilty sense of having usurped another woman’s place.
    Itzel Robleshas quoted2 years ago
    When young, a girl does not have to be beautiful but only just young
    ♡emma♡has quoted10 months ago
    My whole body is a numb tongue
    Dany Téllezhas quotedlast year
    “The animals seem ‘tame’ to us, but that’s a misconception. They are not ‘tame.’ They just have no genetic memory of human beings as predators.”
    Teohas quoted5 months ago
    I did not like these Russian dolls, that made me feel slightly sick. I thought of how a woman carries a baby inside her and how terrifying it would be if that baby carried another baby inside it.
    Teohas quoted5 months ago
    For here is the injustice: only if you are killed, are you “innocent.” If you fight for your life, you are “guilty.”
    Teohas quoted5 months ago
    the woman has smiled so hard and so often there are sharp crow’s-feet beside her eyes.
    Teohas quoted4 months ago
    but high grades seemed to me a kind of embarrassment, the consequence of hard work as hard work seemed but the consequence of desperation.
    Teohas quoted4 months ago
    life, there are predators, and prey. A predator may require bait, and prey may mistake bait for sustenance.
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