Simon Graf

Simon Graf is a sports editor for TagesAnzeiger magazine and co-author of The Roger Federer Effect (2022). Graf has been reporting on ice hockey and tennis for over 20 years.

Simon Graf studied history and German at the University of Zurich and has written several sports books.

The Roger Federer Effect co-authored with Simon Camberstells. This is the story of the world's most famous tennis player in a fresh, innovative way — through the eyes of his friends, rivals, coaches, fans, and many others.

As he enters retirement, more than 40 personalities from inside and outside tennis reveal the special place Federer holds in their lives. Through exclusive interviews, they explain the Roger Federer phenomenon.

The book has been nominated for the International Sports Book of the Year Award.

Simon Graf has two daughters and lives with his family in Kilchberg by Lake Zurich.

Photo credit: Twitter @SimonGraf1
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