Johan Huizinga

Johan Huizinga was a Dutch historian and one of the founders of modern cultural history.
years of life: 7 December 1872 1 February 1945


Talia Garzahas quoted2 years ago
And yet that character, a very complicated one, though he took himself to be the simplest man in the world, was determined by the same factors which determined the structure of his mind. Again and again we find in his inclinations the correlates of his convictions.
Talia Garzahas quoted2 years ago
Erasmus is a delicate soul in all his fibres. His body forces him to be that. He is highly sensitive, among other things very susceptible to cold, 'the scholars' disorder', as he calls it.
Talia Garzahas quoted2 years ago
All this is true in the first instance: there is a superficial Erasmus who answers to that image, but it is not the whole Erasmus; there is a deeper one who is almost the opposite and whom he himself does not know because he will not know him. Possibly because behind this there is a still deeper being, which is truly good.
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