Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton, also known by her pen name Mary Pollock, was a prominent British author renowned for her extensive contributions to children's literature. Since the 1930s, her books have achieved global bestseller status, with over 600 million copies sold.

Enid Mary Blyton was born in South London. She displayed a profound passion for music and literature from an early age. Blyton attended St. Christopher's School, Beckenham, before she decided to redirect her focus away from music and attended Ipswich High School, where she underwent training as a kindergarten teacher.

After five years of teaching, in 1924, she married editor Hugh Pollock, by whom she had two daughters. After the dissolution of her first marriage, Enid Blyton remarried in 1943 to surgeon Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters.

Despite initially training as a kindergarten teacher, her passion for literature eventually took precedence, leading her to embark on a writing career. Her debut work was a collection of verses titled Child Whispers, which came out in 1922.

Enid Blyton's early works reflected her innate understanding of the imagination and curiosity of young audiences. Her literary prowess has manifested itself in an impressive repertoire of some 800 books spanning a remarkable four decades.

Some of her most notable literary contributions include the beloved series The Famous Five, chronicling the adventures of a group of young gumshoes; The Secret Seven, another thrilling mystery series featuring a band of child detectives; and Noddy, a series centering around the adventures of a little wooden boy.

According to Index Translationum in 2007, Enid Blyton ranked fifth among the world's most popular authors, behind Lenin but ahead of Shakespeare, indicating her influence and global recognition in literature.

Enid Blyton passed away in 1968 due to Alzheimer's disease.
years of life: 11 August 1897 28 November 1968


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