Alexey Ivanov

Alexei Viktorovich Ivanov is a Russian writer.

His first publication was a fantastic story called "Hunt for the Great Bear," published in the magazine Uralsky sledopyt in 1990. After returning to Perm, Ivanov worked as a guard, schoolteacher, university teacher, and tourist guide; the latter occupation brought him to study local history, which he later explored in his writing. He first became known for his 2003 novel Serdtse Parmy (The heart of Parma).

Ivanov was awarded the Mamin-Sibiryak Prize in 2003; the Eureka, Start, and Bazhov prizes in 2004; and the Book of the Year and Portal prizes in 2006. He has been nominated three times for the National Bestseller prize.

In 2010, Ivanov gained notice as "an unrelenting critic of the ... team from Moscow" which was leading a "cultural revolution" from the "top down" in Perm.
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