Head of Zeus

    Dannihas quoted2 years ago
    Darkness. Before the darkness there was nothing but nothingness, and the nothingness was without color. Nothing was in the nothingness. Darkness at least meant that there was space.
    Miriamhas quotedlast year
    If killing you would solve the problem, you’d all be dead by now. But the most effective technique remains disrupting your thoughts.
    b8053699929has quoted7 months ago
    adjusting to her first time in the light.
    b3294153772has quoted7 months ago
    care about birds when people are dying
    b6721554949has quotedlast year
    dedicate this book to the man who believes that family
    b8779979124has quotedlast month
    ‘I want to dance with you in the rain, wearing a lovely dress, and I want it to be a proper dance, like a waltz, old fashioned and romantic.’
    Marhas quoted2 months ago
    to inquire after Say’s mother and the UN’s mother, to inquire after the mothers of all of the delegates at the special session and on the PDC, to inquire after the mothers of the entire human race, and finally to inquire after the nonexistent mothers of the Trisolarans.
    b4892124205has quoted6 months ago
    If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall...
    Anastasia Manylovahas quoted2 years ago
    It was as if a warm room had gotten cooler, but it was still the same room.
    Kandi Tolentinohas quotedlast year
    The peasants knew that a spoiled son did more harm to a family than a dead one, and they kept themselves from indulging him too much
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