Ruth Goodman

    Alyona Dobrolyubovahas quoted5 months ago
    Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England was a place of vitality, experimentation, expanding horizons and lots of small-minded, petty, badly mannered, irritating and irreverent oiks, guls, gallants and harridans. And I love them all.
    Maria Sapozhnikovahas quotedlast year
    ‘clown’ and ‘ass’ were excellent shouting terms.
    Maria Sapozhnikovahas quotedlast year
    Humphrey Richardson cannot have enjoyed being called a ‘lousy rogue, nitty britch knave, and scurvy nitty britch knave’ in 1610.
    Paul Trillerhas quotedlast year
    Bad behaviour can be so much more illuminating than the world of the respectable conformist, for it is those who push against the boundaries of cultural etiquette who most accurately define where the lines are drawn.
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