Angela Curtis

Angela Curtis has spent most of her adult life learning about herbs and the effects that they can have on certain illnesses that plague mankind. From the wealth of knowledge that she has garnered "Herbal Remedies Explained" was born. She outlines in as much detail as she can the various properties of the herbs and how they work to heal the body. A few recipes (if you want to term them as such) are outlined as well for some simple yet effective home remedies. One thing that Angela does not deviate from is the fact that no matter what you may have diagnosed by yourself that a medical professional ought to be consulted before any herb or combination of herbs is taken. This is vital as the wrong amounts can be taken which might trigger some adverse effects. She puts everything together in a few chapters but she could go on and on as these herbs do work on more than one illness. The one highlighted are the most common like asthma and eczema. Even issues with the ear, nose and throat are covered. She is not claiming to be a guru but she is as close to it as one can get with the knowledge that she has chosen to impart on effective herbal remedies.
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