Jodi Meadows

I like books. Reading them, writing, and admiring them as my bookshelves begin to bow. I command a ferret army. Are YOU ready for the revolution?--Yes, I will accept your friend request.--Please do not send private message to ask for a review copy of my book. Because I receive so many requests, I have a blanket "no" policy. I'm also not very good about checking my GR messages, so interview requests and other things tend to get neglected. If you really want me to respond, the best way is through email. All my contact information is on my website.--Why are my ratings either five stars or none? I give five stars to books I'm enthusiastic about and think everyone should read. A lack of stars doesn't mean I didn't like the book, merely that my feelings are a little more complicated and I prefer not to get into it here.




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    Jodi Meadows
    The Orphan Queen
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