Cardistry Vertizhas quoted2 years ago
Women drop hundreds of dollars at hair salons trying to attain the golden perfection she was born with.
Cardistry Vertizhas quoted2 years ago
like a bad case of herpes—just ‘cuz you can’t see me doesn’t mean I’m not there.”
gouraniparsahas quoted4 months ago
is one of the most important people in my life, not some hotter-than-a-house-on-fire bombshell from a movie poster. I know her. She’s a sweet, sassy, intelligent, beautiful-on-the-inside, real person. And… Oh my god. She is my type! She is the standard by which I assess every other woman on the planet. Oh, this is so effin’ bad. I need to get out of here. Bring the damn check, please!

I’d pick you, Kendall. You are, in every possible sense of the word, the most breathtaking woman I have ever met. That would be the most truthful answer I could give, but I know when to keep the truth to my damn self. “You know that X-Men movie, the one where Xavier can still walk?”

Kendall furrows her eyebrows at me as if to say ‘yeah, and?’

“The actress who played Mystique in that. Hello, blue body
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