Donna King

Donna King

Donna King is a pen name for best-selling author Jenny Oldfield.Jenny was born and brought up in Harrogate, Yorkshire, she says that even as a child she wrote stories and made tiny books, complete with illustrations. At school her favourite subjects were English, although she preferred creative writing to comprehension, and Art.Jenny went on to study English at Birmingham University, where she did research on the Bronte novels and on children’s literature. She has worked in a food shop, delivered newspapers, been an auxiliary nurse in a children's hospital, cleaned houses and taught English in schools, colleges, and a men's prison. She has also taught modern dance.She writes novels for both children and adults and, when she can escape from her desk, likes to spend time outdoors. Jenny still lives in Yorkshire and says that she loves the countryside and enjoys walking, gardening, playing tennis, riding and travelling with her two daughters, Kate and Eve
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