Anah Crow

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Do you want to participate in Generic_Author_Event?Drop me a line, please! If you're looking for a book for donation or a blog post from me, I'm usually cool with that.Are you going to write a sequel to Some_Book_You_Wrote?The up front answer is no, unless the book cover indicates that it's part of a series. If there's going to be a sequel to a book, you'll know once I've signed the contract.Who is this Dianne person?Only the light of my life and all that rot. She e-sides here: Without her, you wouldn't see much from me at all, not even the books that don't have her name on the cover.Do you read your email?All the time. I think the question you want is do I answer my email? Occasionally. Badly. I'm a terrible, terrible emailer.You're reading X books at once?!Only occasionally at once. I can read two books at the same time, but I get dizzy. Mostly, I just switch books depending on my mood. It's unusual for me to have less than four on the go at a time.Do you read reviews of your books?No, sorry! I'm here, yes, but I prefer not to read reviews (no matter how lovely they are) because once a book has left my hands and is available to the readers, my relationship to it changes. It's all grown up. :) I have a clutter of booklings to nurture so they will join the others on your shelves.Will you read/review my book?Sorry, but no. There are a number of reasons for this but the biggest is—I suck at doing these things. I'm a horrible procrastinator. I get wound up and then blank out what I'm supposed to do. My ADHD goes galumphing through my head like a bull in a china shop, wrecking everything.I'm a writer and you hated/loved my book!I'm sure you're a lovely person, either way. Please have one or both of: "I'm sorry!" or "You're welcome!"Can I be excused now?Of course you can! Thanks for reading.


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