Tellerup A/S

  • b0102196274has quoted8 months ago
    A moment later he blazed out into the night wearing nothing but boxers.
  • b5192890336has quoted8 months ago
    With a sigh, I let my body fall back onto a big rock and look out at my flock.
  • Roro Aaahas quoted7 months ago
    denser and denser
  • Roro Aaahas quoted5 months ago
    When we reached the lake, some of our classmates were already down there. Some of them had sat down on the stones around a fire pit, while others had retreated into the darkness to get some privacy. In the tall grass close to the fire was a worn-out boom box, and an unknown rock band screamed its suffering into the atmosphere.
  • chaimakorea24has quoted3 months ago
    without a trace.

    They haven’t been seen since
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