Sandro Pasquali

Sandro Pasquali, in 1997, formed, a technology company that sold the world's first JavaScript-based application development framework and was awarded several patents for deployment and advertising technologies that anticipated the future of Internet-based software. Node represents, for him, the natural next step in the inexorable march toward the day when JavaScript powers nearly every level of software development.
Sandro has led the design of enterprise-grade applications for some of the largest companies in the world, including Nintendo, Major League Baseball, Bang and Olufsen, LimeWire, AppNexus, Conde Nast, and others. He has displayed interactive media exhibits during the Venice Biennial, won design awards, built knowledge management tools for research institutes and schools, and started and run several start-ups. Always seeking new ways to blend design excellence and technical innovation, he has made significant contributions across all levels of software architecture, from data management and storage tools to innovative user interfaces and frameworks.
He is the author of Mastering Node.js, also by Packt Publishing, which takes you on a deep dive into Node, teaching you how to use it to build modern, fast, and scalable networked software.
Sandro runs a software development company in New York and trains corporate development teams interested in using Node and JavaScript to improve their products. He spends the rest of his time entertaining his beautiful daughter and his wife.


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