Rutger Bregman

Rutger Bregman is one of Europe's most prominent young thinkers. He has published four books on history, philosophy and economics, and has twice been nominated for the prestigious European Press Prize. The Dutch edition of Utopia for Realists became an international bestseller and has been translated into 23 languages.



Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted7 months ago
Let’s start with a little history lesson:

In the past, everything was worse.
Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted7 months ago
Where 84% of the world’s population still lived in extreme poverty in 1820, by 1981 that percentage had dropped to 44%, and now, just a few decades later, it is under 10%.1
Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted7 months ago
Back in 1989, the American philosopher Francis Fukuyama already noted that we had arrived in an era where life has been reduced to “economic calculation, the endless solving of technical problems, environmental concerns, and the satisfaction of sophisticated consumer demands.”


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