Janelle Diller

Janelle Diller worked for many years as a communication consultant for a high tech company. This role gave her ample opportunity to find interesting ways to say boring things. Having survived the
chaos of the high-tech world for nearly a decade without getting laid off once, she knows firsthand the grinding exhaustion of the road-warrior's life. Eventually, she was able to liberate herself. Technology implementations went on without her.

Currently, she and her husband divide their time between living the good life in Colorado during the summer and sailing the Mexican coast in the winter. She's also the author of the Never Enough coming of age trilogy--Never Enough Flamingos, Never Enough Sisters, & Never Enough Lilacs. In addition, she writes early chapter book mysteries for the award winning Pack-n-Go Girls Adventure series. They're a ton of fun. She's grateful she no longer has to write about technology implementations.

Janelle loves to connect with her readers in person when possible and on Skype with book clubs and classrooms. Contact her through her website at www.janellediller.com.



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