Stephen Costello

Stephen Costello

NUMBER ONE BEST SELLING BASEBALL BOOK ON AMAZON !!!!!!My Father Never Took Me to a Baseball Game has been the number one rated Baseball and Baseball History Book for 27 Consecutive Weeks on amazon kindle.Stephen Costello was born in Bronx, New York just a few miles from Yankee Stadium. His writing career blossomed as a childhood poet. Costello set his sights on Indiana State University, where he became the Managing Editor of The Shield.Costello then headed into the world of business, spending his twenties and thirties at the appliance Giant, PC Richard and Son. There he had spawned many of the companies initiatives, inthe branding and marketing arena's.Costello, now EVP of Steiner Sports,working with the likes of Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Eli Manning and Henrik Lundqvist.Finally, Costello put together the tapestry of his childhood challenges with his first novel.The book has been met with glowing praise by both the celebrity community and several best selling authors.The book is genuine, real, and has brought many to laughter and tears.
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