Carmenica Diaz

Carmenica Diaz

Carmenica Diaz writes erotic fiction that is either hard and nasty or soft and tender, depending on her moods. Ms Diaz lived for many years near London, U.K. She now lives outside the U.K. in an unspecified European location.Carmenica Diaz is, of course, a penname and, in public life, Ms Diaz is an accomplished woman of academia. Ms Diaz commenced writing at the urging of close friends and now has a substantial following of loyal readers. Her work is in two clear genres – Erotica and Transgender fiction. When asked to use single words to describe Carmenica, a close friend chose the following – impatient, dominant, arrogant, tender, caring, romantic, hurtful, precise, nasty, supportive, and mercurial. They are still friends as she told the truth.
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