Eddie Edwards

I am a Pulitzer Prize Award (Drama) and Newbery Award (Teen Fiction) nominee! I have published numerous novels. Please visit my blog:http://eddietheauthor.wordpress.com/2...I am also an inventor, journalist, editor, playwright and writer of adult and teen non-fiction and fiction novels and plays. My work covers a wide spectrum of subject matter including education, true story, action, humor, satire, black comedy, irony, romance, mystery, espionage, thriller, horror, science fiction, family saga, supernatural, historical fiction and gothic. I have written fiction novels, non-fiction, computer manuals, training materials, teaching lesson plans, coaching plans, business plans, poetry, musical lyrics and short stories. I have also published several articles in Zymurgy magazine.I am also a teacher, coach and sports referee and professional.I currently have a following and readership on every continent and in over fifty countries worldwide.I can be reached at eddieedwards20111@hotmail.com


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