Martyn Kinsella-Jones

Martyn Kinsella-Jones

Born in Marston Green, Birmingham, England, educated in a variety of schools until June 1974, training in several Midland Engineering colleges 1974-76.Studied Acting in the late 1980′s. Has hunted shark, ridden motorcycles all over the UK and Europe, been the owner / manager of a small company, driven a cab, worked as a Warehouse manager, Electrical installer, Butlins Coffee bar porter, Student Nurse, Air conditioning fitter, Farm worker, Van & Truck driver, Telemarketer, Marketing Executive, IT Support, IT Contractor, Traffic Warden, gone broke, been an Emergency phone responder, written reams of comic doggerel, produced technical documentation for a number of multinational companies and received enough rejection slips to wallpaper a very large room.Finished his first full length Science Fiction novel "The Sky Full of Stars" in November 2009 and the follow on Volume in the 'Stars' trilogy in 2011, "Falling Through the Stars". The third and final volume is a work in progress.In November 2012 he published the first version of "Head of the Beast", the first in the series of Paul Calvin adventures, followed by 'A Falling of Angels' in November 2014. Emigrated to Canada in 2007 and took up Canadian Citizenship in December 2014.
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