Gergely Daroczi

Gergely Daroczi is a former assistant professor of statistics and an enthusiastic R user and package developer. He is the founder and CTO of an R-based reporting web application at and a PhD candidate in sociology. He is currently working as the lead R developer/research data scientist at in Los Angeles.
Besides maintaining around half a dozen R packages, mainly dealing with reporting, Gergely has coauthored the books Introduction to R for Quantitative Finance and Mastering R for Quantitative Finance (both by Packt Publishing) by providing and reviewing the R source code. He has contributed to a number of scientific journal articles, mainly in social sciences but in medical sciences as well.


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So, besides R, it's really worth knowing your way around RDBMS, which are extremely common in any industry you may be working at as a data analyst or in a similar position.

Worth knowing to be working as a data analyst or similar

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