Michael Leventhal

Michael Leventhal is a Jewish-English author, publisher, and freelance writer. He is the co-author of Jews in Britain (2013) and wrote several books, including a tale on chocolate, The Chocolate King (2021). Michael Leventhal was also a founder of the first Jewish food charity Gefiltefest in the UK.

Michael Leventhal started working in publishing in 2001, when he joined his father, Lionel Leventhal, at Greenhill Books and Chatham Publishing.

The imprints have a rich backlist of almost 1,000 military and maritime titles. Many of these books are still in print, in English, and in other languages.

Now Leventhal is a publisher at Green Bean Books. Among others, he is responsible for a new Jewish children's book program for approximately ten new books every year, focussing on titles for 4–8-year-olds.

In addition to publishing books, he regularly writes newspaper and magazine feature articles. He contributed to The Times, The Daily Telegraph Saturday Magazine, and the Daily Express.

Michael Leventhal lives in London.

Photo credit: michaelleventhal.co.uk
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