Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, professional speaker, and bestselling author of nine books including Communication Miracles for Couples. His work has appeared in Newsweek, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and other publications. He lives in Nevada City, CA. Visit him at


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From this experience I surmised that the key to overcoming one's fear of rejection is to set it up so that getting rejected is seen as a success. My actual goal was to get ten rejections, and only by doing so would I be rewarded by getting my money back. As I faced my fear, I saw that it wasn't so bad. I could survive. Since I was fully prepared for what would happen, it didn't seem like a big deal anymore. I noticed that with each and every rejection, it got easier. In addition, as my fear went away and I became more relaxed, I was often rewarded with an unexpected “yes.”
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The Art of Asking the Right Questions
mashnicahas quotedlast year
Asking questions to change your focus is a time-tested technique


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