Sherri Stockman

Sherri Stockman is a Transformation Coach, Naturopath, Medical Intuitive, and a long-time meditator. She did extensive meditation training in the 1990s, including a year as an apprentice so she could learn how to teach. But she got her start long before that - she has memories of experiences as a young child that she now knows were mindfulness meditations. And these days, she meditates on purpose. She wrote Meditation for Beginners because she found that lots of folks are hesitant about using this ancient empowerment technique known as meditating. They don't know what it is, and they're not sure where to start. So they don't. And that's a darn shame! By setting aside a bit of time each day - Sherri usually meditates first thing in the morning - her practice has become a habit. One that she believes makes her days go more smoothly. Sherri's hope is that you'll want to do the same, and uncover that deep, still calm that exists within YOU, so you too can have more focus, less stress and better health.


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