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Stephanie Perkins

  • b9073653238has quoted2 years ago
    can he not notice his leg is touching my leg?
  • b9073653238has quoted2 years ago
    and—oh, dear God—the curve of his lips.
  • citlagalvan2504has quoted2 years ago
    I’m still the new girl. I’m still alone

    Me identifico

  • citlagalvan2504has quoted2 years ago
    We’re waiting for La Vie to begin. Last week we learned about the importance of eating locally grown food, and before that, how to write a college application essay.Who knows what they’ll drag out today?

    I need that class!!! It seems really interesting and useful.

  • citlagalvan2504has quoted2 years ago
    Breathe. One thing at a time
  • citlagalvan2504has quoted2 years ago
    I want my mom.The thought shames me. Eighteen-year-olds shouldn’t need their mother
  • citlagalvan2504has quoted2 years ago
    And I realize ... it’s okay. It’s okay if St. Clair and I never become more than friends. His friendship alone has strengthened me in a way that no one else’s ever has. He swept me from my room and showed me independence. In other words, he was exactly what I needed. I won’t forget it. And I certainly don’t want to lose it
  • citlagalvan2504has quoted2 years ago
    Because I was right. For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person.
    And we’re finally home
  • Jessica FMNhas quoted2 years ago
    hand in hand with the boy who gave me the moon and the stars.
  • paolarivera421999has quoted2 years ago
    Flynn looks up at the sky, at the North Star above us. Polaris, it’s called. A fixed point, more accurate than any compass. You always know where you are when you look up at it
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