Carla Norton

Is THE EDGE OF NORMAL inspired by true events? Absolutely. When a shocking case first hit headlines, Carla wedged herself between reporters and sketch artists to cover the trial. She later wrote PERFECT VICTIM with the prosecutor. The book made the reading list for the FBI's Behavioral Sciences Unit and became a #1 New York Times bestseller. THE EDGE OF NORMAL and the sequel, WHAT DOESN'T KILL HER, are fueled by that true story. (The sequel is titled HUNTED in Australia, New Zealand, India, the UK.)THE EDGE OF NORMAL is under adaptation for a movie by Bold Films. It was a Thriller Award finalist and a Royal Palm Literary Award winner. The story's heroine is a 22-year-old survivor of kidnapping and captivity. She’s scarred, flawed, and psychologically unbalanced. But ‘Edgy Reggie’ has a hot sense of justice. And when called upon, she’s absolutely fearless.Jeffery Deaver says THE EDGE OF NORMAL is the "perfect blend of literary style, psychological insight and edge-of-the-seat thriller." Chevy Stevens calls it "a heart-pounding thrill ride."Carla also wrote DISTURBED GROUND, a nonfiction thriller about the life and crimes of Dorothea Puente, a white-haired landlady who murdered her tenants.Carla teaches workshops, speaks at conferences, and has appeared on Larry King Live. When she's not writing books, she writes hotheaded essays and really bad poetry.
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