Tariku Bogale

Dynamic and successful entrepreneur Tariku Bogale was the driving force behind Africa Holdings, a company he launched, developed, grew, and sold. Africa Holdings was a multifaceted company comprising the Johannesburg Shopping Centre, Self-Help.co.za, Travel Click, Sikhona Forex, Lions Entertainment, TravelStoreMaker.co.za and VoiceBlast.biz. Tariku Bogale is the founder and CEO of Dual Groups LLC, Dual Films Inc, Dual Publisher LLC and ConnectSocial Inc.
As the founder and CEO of numerous companies, TARIKU BOGALE has done business in such diverse fields as Travel and Tourism, Retail, Real Estate, Finance, Technology, and Media and Commercial Filmmaking. A dynamic and visionary thinker, Tariku is driven by the search for innovative ideas and has established successful businesses in Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Tariku has been nominated as an African Pioneer for the Black Business Awards, the 2016 Best Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Award and the 2017 Top Empowered Business of the Year Award.

A strong believer in the power of education, Tariku funded his own education and furthered his studies in South Africa and Switzerland where he enrolled without a first degree for an MBA and an advanced masters studies in leadership international economic law. He is a serial entrepreneur, author, trusted advisor, film producer, actor, writer and philanthropist.


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