Sanjeev Jaiswal

Sanjeev Jaiswal is a computer graduate with four years of industrial experience and more than six years of web development experience. He extensively uses Perl and GNU/Linux for his day-to-day work and also teaches Drupal and WordPress CMS to bloggers. He has worked closely with major clients such as CSC, IBM, and Motorola mobility. Sanjeev loves teaching technical functionalities to engineering students and IT professionals and has been teaching since 2008. He founded AlienCoders ( based on the principle of "learning through sharing" for Computer Science students and IT professionals in 2010, which became a huge hit in India among engineering students. He usually uploads technical videos to YouTube on his channel "AlienCoders". Sanjeev has a huge fan base on his site and on YouTube because of his simple but effective way of teaching and his philanthropic nature toward students.


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