Jeannie Kaye

Jeannie Kaye

Jeannie wrote her first book at the age of ten. She illustrated it, stitched it together, glued a hard cover on it and read it to anyone who would listen. The book centered around an anthropomorphic rabbit looking for a solution to her continual rejection at school. Though Jeannie kept few relics from her childhood, this book still remains on her shelf. Her writing career began. Well, sort of.As a child growing up in Austin, Texas, she read and read and read. In math class, she hid her book under the desk and read. She'd stay up until the morning to finish whatever book she was reading. While on the phone late at night with her boyfriend, after a lengthy silence following one of his heartfelt confessions of love, he'd ask, "Are you reading again?" Oops. All through high school, Jeannie wrote poetry and snippets of power-packed, tension-filled scenes for books she never started. In college, she wrote headlines for the Daily Texan at UT and later wrote articles for magazines. Eventually, after a long stint in nonfiction, Jeannie ventured into the world of stories. After winning the First Impressions award in 2013 for her work in fiction (under the pen name Jaye Bright), Jeannie launched her career with her debut novel, Ever Locked.Jeannie graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Chemistry and History. She is a Certified Life Coach and lives in the Deep South with her attorney husband, who dotes on her mercilessly. She has two teens and two adult children who are all her favorite people on earth.
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