Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Thomas Bailey Aldrich wrote many poems and novels. He was also an editor and a traveler and wrote a lot about his travels.Aldrich died at Boston on March 19, 1907. His last words were "In spite of it all, I'm going to sleep."


hadir abdelnabyhas quoted6 months ago
n short, I was a real human boy, such as you may meet anywhere in New England,

باختصار, كنت فتى بشري حقيقي, مثل قد تلتقي في أي مكان في نيو إنجلاند,

hadir abdelnabyhas quoted6 months ago
Such names as Higgins, Wiggins, and Spriggins were deadly affronts to my ear; while Langdon, Wallace, Blake, and the like, were passwords to my confidence and esteem.

كانت أسماء مثل هيغينز ، ويغينز ، وسبريجينز إهانة قاتلة لأذني ؛ بينما لانغدون ، والاس ، وبليك ، وما شابه ذلك ، كانت كلمات مرور لثقتي وتقديري.

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