Stuart McHardy

Stuart McHardy wis brocht up in Dundee an eer syne he wis a student in Embra in the 1960s, he has been screivin in an studyin the auld leid. In the 1990s while Director o the Scots Langauge Resource Centre his joab wis tae promote the Mither Tung an this included screivin in Scots fer various newspapers an ither publications. He is the author o a puckle books in Scots an has lang been veesitin schuils tae bigg up yung fowk's kennin o the tung. An the leid his figured strangly in his wark as baith a traditional musician an a storyteller ower monie years an the feck o his publishit poetry his aye been in Scots. He wis deeply involved wi the Vigil for a Scottish Parliament (1993-98) an screived Scotland's Democracy Trail wi Donald Smith in 2014, whan he wis gey active in the push for independence, braidcastin an performin at monie events. Fer monie years he has lectured on a variety o topics, includin Scotland's Radical History, fer Edinburgh Univairsitie's Centre for Open Leaning.
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