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Barbara Cartland

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    The King of Thailand is titled Head of State, Head of the Armed Forces, the Upholder of the Buddhist religion and the Defender of all Faiths.
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    Lost in a woodland daydream, cherubic eighteen-year-old Anita Lavenham is awoken from a reverie inspired by a sermon about the Devil by the sonorous voice of a handsome gentleman asking her to open the gate she’s leaning on – a gentleman whose imperious, yet raffish air leads her to think that he is Lucifer personified!
    Anita and her two sisters are impoverished after the loss of their father and their Mama’s illness – and soon she is obliged
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    There was nothing he could do but take the Countess onto the dance floor, thinking as he did so that the Baron was overdoing it.
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    “I will try of course,” the Marquis replied, “but I may need your help.
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    “But at the same time it is a question of man to man, and the strongest wins, even if he does hold a pistol in one hand.”
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    “Most young ladies are not taught to develop their minds,” he reminded her

    Now they pose for pictures and videos on Tik Tok and Instagram… Society hasn’t changed much.

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    she had been told firmly that she must finish her education first.
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    Then, just as the Grand Duke with a gesture of his hand invited the King to enter the carriage first, there was the sound of galloping hoofs and a moment later an Officer on horseback came tearing up the drive.
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    a very good chance that Stephanie will be allowed to marry my brother Kyril.”

    “So that is how the wind blows!” the King remarked and his eyes were twinkling
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    no difficulties now that he is the Crown Prince.”

    Marie-Henriette stared at him in astonishment
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