Michael Roads

Michael Roads

Michael Joseph Roads, is a UK-born resident of Australia is an a author of numerous essays, articles, books and best selling books including Talking with Nature - Journey Into Nature, Journey Into Oneness and Into a Timeless Realm.At the age of 21 he married his first wife Treenie with whom he immigrated to Australia in 1964. Together they had a beef and dairy farm and raised four children. During this time, he joined the Australian organic movement and he wrote his first book, on organic gardening, which became a bestseller. After selling the farm he and his wife cofounded a spiritual community, which they left after four years, eventually moving to a small town on the east coast of Australia.In his books, Roads declares that during his youth as a farmer he developed and ability to communicate with nature, and began to explore the world from a metaphysical plane. Claiming that this insight helped him to recover from a serious illness, he began writing his books and giving public talks. For over twenty years, Michael has been a prolific writer and spiritual teacher in many countries around the world.(-wiki)
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