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    Konstantin Kuznetsovhas quoted2 years ago
    “Seven hundred million brethren in India and China cannot gain their independence without our protection and leadership.
    “The history of East and West is a record of the unification of feudal states after an era of civil wars. The only possible international peace, which will come after the present age of international wars, must be a feudal peace. This will be achieved through the emergence of the strongest country, which will dominate all other nations of the world.”
    Konstantin Kuznetsovhas quoted2 years ago
    Japanese reaction, of course, was quick and bitter. “Japan is expanding,” retorted Yosuke Matsuoka, a diplomat whose sharp tongue and ready wit was winning him many followers. “And what country in its expansion era has ever failed to be trying to its neighbors? Ask the American Indian or the Mexican how excruciatingly trying the young United States used to be once upon a time.” Japan’s expansion, like that of America’s, was as natural as the growth of a child. “Only one thing stops a child from growing–death.” He declared that Japan was fighting for two goals: to prevent Asia from falling completely under the white man’s domination, as in Africa, and to save China from Communism. “No treasure trove is in her eyes–only sacrifices upon sacrifices. No one realizes this more than she does. But her very life depends on it, as do those of her neighbors as well. The all-absorbing question before Japan today … is: Can she bear the cross?”
    Uche Onyenekehas quoted2 years ago
    Other books have been written on the subject since 1970, which included more and better statistics, but they also include recollections by participants in the events, which I know to be different from what happened or what the participants said and thought at the time. Victors write history, and the Biafrans lost. Convenience changes opinions, and the memory of Biafra and what was done there remains inconvenient for many.
    The following book therefore has this at least to recommend it: it remains the only contemporary narrative of Biafra from start to finish, written at the time and inside the Biafran enclave by a European eyewitness.
    When I was a cub reporter on an English provincial newspaper, I came under the tutelage of a wonderful teacher, the chief reporter of the office. He impressed on m
    Ирина Осипенкоhas quotedlast year
    Some people stay stoical and stubborn: fatalists, religious believers and people who are simply unmoved by anything; who are either extremely calm by nature or, quite the reverse, are in the extremes of exhaustion.
    Karen Kinyuahas quoted2 years ago
    The events of the late 1940s convinced European leaders that the only way to maintain the balance of power in Europe was to ensure the active support of the United States.
    Karen Kinyuahas quoted2 years ago
    policy had major implications for the conduct of the Cold War. In the shadow of the atomic bomb, both sides realised that direct confrontation would lead to nuclear annihilation. Increasingly, the conflict between East and West became characterised as an ideological struggle between freedom and oppression with both sides mounting propaganda campaigns to win hearts and minds and secretly supporting regional insurgencies to further their aims and global ambitions.
    Karen Kinyuahas quoted2 years ago
    Two of the most far reaching agreements were the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963, which prohibited test detonations in the atmosphere and under water and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed in 1968 which helped to halt the spread of nuclear weapons to other countries and to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
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