Daniel Pink

Daniel H. Pink is one of the world's leading business thinkers and the author of five best-selling books about work, management, and behavioral science. His books have sold more than two million copies and have been translated into 35 languages.
He was also host and co-executive producer of the National Geographic Channel social science TV series Crowd Control, which aired internationally in 2014 and 2015.
Daniel Pink served as an aide to Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, and from 1995 to 1997 he was the chief speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore. In 1997, he quit his job to go out on his own, an experience he described in the 1998 Fast Company article, Free Agent Nation, which became the basis of his first book.
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Our lives present a never-ending stream of “when” decisions
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Timing, we believe, is an art.
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Regret is not dangerous or abnormal, a deviation from the steady path to happiness. It is healthy and universal, an integral part of being human. Regret is also valuable. It clarifies. It instructs. Done right, it needn’t drag us down; it can lift us up.


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