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    A red sunset sky is usually caused by reflections from minuscule dust particles trapped high in the atmosphere by conditions that occur before fine weather.
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    In fact, the Met Office’s latest supercomputer is projected to become the second most powerful system in the UK and within the top twenty most powerful systems in the world.
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    Later, wind vanes were a popular addition to the European churches of the Middle Ages.
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    Here are just a few examples…

    It will be rainy and stormy if:

    • flowers close up.

    • the cows are lying down.

    • there’s a ring of cloud around the moon.

    • the swallows fly low (if they are flying high, the winds are light).

    It will turn into a fine day if:

    • it rains before seven.

    • it’s foggy in the morning.

    Winter will be severe if:

    • squirrels store large quantities of nuts.

    • squirrels have bushy tails.

    • there are lots of berries on the trees.

    • ant hills are high in July.

    • hornets build their nests high.
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    In other words, the whole swirling atmospheric mass is so sensitive to infinitesimal changes within it that everything affects everything else.
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    the weather today will be much the same as the weather yesterday.
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    Meteorological organizations and museums may offer some equipment, or look online. Organizations and websites are also a good source of inspiration for experiments and homemade equipment. You could start with the following:
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    ‘It is best to read the weather forecast before praying for rain.’
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    a metaphor used to explain one aspect of chaos theory
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    Leon Battista Alberti
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