Regina Jeffers

Regina Jeffers

Writing about “passion” comes easily to Regina Jeffers. A master teacher for thirty-seven years, she has passionately taught thousands of students English in the public schools of West Virginia, Ohio, and now in North Carolina. Yet, “teacher” does not define her as a person. Ask any of her students or her family, and they will tell you Regina is passionate about so many things: her son, children in need, words, music, dance, the theatre, pro football, classic movies, the BBC, track and field, books, books, and more books. Holding multiple degrees, Regina often serves as a Language Arts or Media Literacy consultant to surrounding school districts and has served on state and national educational commissions. A Time Warner Star Teacher and Crystal Apple Finalist, as well a Martha Holden Jennings Scholar, Jeffers is relatively new to the publishing realm although this is not her first piece of writing. “I have written all my life,” she says, “except it was not always in this format. When I write now, I write as I used to choreograph routines for my dance teams; I write the scene in my head like a movie. Usually, it plays there for several days being tweaked and rewritten, but, eventually, I put it to paper. Generally, it does not change much from there because I have completed several mental rewrites before the pen and papers are included.” The story of Fitzwilliam Darcy is one most women know. “It has fascinated me for years so while teaching Pride and Prejudice at school, a student challenged me to write this book. His challenge became an obsession. Whereas most female writers can relate to the strong, independent Elizabeth Bennet, my friends will tell you my voice comes out of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s mouth. Like Mr. Darcy, I have by observation and by practice learned to say and do the proper thing, but I cannot say I ever knew what feelings were expected of me.”

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