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Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
Journal writing offers several wonderful opportunities. It offers him a chance to express the full and honest truth of his process with no degree of external judgment—and no pollution of an external reward. It allows him to expand and explore his consciousness in a safe and protected environment, and piece together the truths of his history at a pace entirely his own. No one from outside can push him, because his motivation, if it is to last over the long haul, must come from within.

—Daniel Mackler, Toward Truth
Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
Journaling has a range of emotional and physical benefits. According to the Yale Medical Group, regular journaling can help manage stress and anxiety, and aid people who are coping with depressive feelings.
Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
In an article published by an online psychology network called Psych Central (“The Health Benefits of Journaling,” 2006), psychotherapist Maud Purcell suggested that the reason journaling can be so effective at helping us sort out our thoughts and feelings is because, when we write, our analytical, rational, and thinking left brain is busy, focused on the act of writing.


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