Alison Roberts

When Alison Roberts spent two years in Scotland, her time there provided the perfect opportunity to write her first book, and she has written over thirty Mills & Boon titles since then! Alison is involved with the ambulance service. She has her writing to thank for this addition to her life, having fallen in love with the job while researching a book. It is the perfect antidote to the solitary hours of writing and she is now avidly continuing her training as an ambulance officer.




dr mk Kamathhas quoted2 years ago
print. Everybody was clearly focused on their tiny patients. Even at the central staff station, every patient was under direct observation or being carefully monitored via video cameras and data recordings from the wealth of the best equipment available.

‘Every detail was chosen by our CEO, The
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‘It’s not that he doesn’t love Ella,’ Maria said hurriedly. ‘It’s just that it’s been difficult for him. He’s always being terribly conscientious about his work and it became an escape for him to put more and more into his career in terms of hours. He’s not at home very much.’
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Danielle was staring at the door through which her father had just disappeared. Her eyes were swimming with tears that had just started to overflow but she was making no sound.
What kind of baby cried silently?
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