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Bernardine Evaristo

  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    love the script, must do it
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    in any case, ageing is nothing to be ashamed of
    especially when the entire human race is in it together
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    t seems that she alone among her friends wants to celebrate getting older
    because it’s such a privilege to not die prematurely
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    Amma was shorter, with African hips and thighs
    perfect slave girl material one director told her when she walked into an audition for a play about Emancipation
    whereupon she walked right back out again
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    she slept rough under the Embankment arches and in shop doorways along the Strand, was interviewed by a black housing association where she lied and cried about escaping a father who’d beaten her
    the Jamaican housing officer wasn’t impressed, so you got beats, is it?
    Dominique escalated her complaint to one of paternal sexual abuse, was given an emergency room in a hostel; eighteen months later, after tearful weekly calls to the housing office, she landed a one-bedroom housing association flat in a small fifties block in Bloomsbury
    I did what I had to find a home
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    her father was a Nigerian student who vanished as soon as he finished his studies at the University of Aberdeen
    he never said goodbye
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    his only concern for me is marriage and children
    he thinks my acting career is a hobby until I have both
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    Dad’s a socialist who wants a revolution to improve the lot of all of mankind
    I tell Mum she married a patriarch
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    I let her know she’s an apologist for the patriarchy and complicit in a system that oppresses all women
    she says human beings are complex
    I tell her not to patronize me
  • Sasha Midlhas quoted2 years ago
    Mum worked eight hours a day in paid employment, raised four children, maintained the home, made sure the patriarch’s dinner was on the table every night and his shirts were ironed every morning
    meanwhile, he was off saving the world
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