Dan Desmarques

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    Chapter 1 - How Other People Affect Your Decisions

    Most people are unable to perceive reality beyond the present moment. As such, they trust only what they can see.

    In the case of women, this is most likely related to the need to bring babies to the world and wanting to make sure they have the right conditions to be raised. Therefore, what is attractive in a partner becomes associated with what is needed from an egotistic personal standpoint — security, money, and social status.

    Men don't have a very different approach to life if we consider that their attitude towards the future is related to the same security, status, and abundance that women seek.

    The difference is found in writers of spiritual books, because, you see, those things are not a priority in my mind, which confuses women:

    • How I make money with things that seem irrelevant to them;

    • How my social status is not quantifiable or visible

    • And the fact that the security provided is nullified by isolation from the world, as my favorite way to rest the mind is by actually doing nothing with it.

    This attitude to life is very difficult to understand for women of many cultures, as I came to understand. They ask me many questions, in some cases, every day and for months, but never understand any of my answers. It is as if my answers could not be aligned with their version of reality. It is impossible for them to understand what I do!

    I know that in a better reality this would not happen because a lot of what is defined as female behavior, or attraction on planet Earth, is conditioned by the state in which humanity finds itself. The same applies to the men on this planet, and that to a large proportion, feel abandoned and misunderstood. Three in four homeless people and in suicide statistics are male.

    The problem with these statistics is that they push people towards the survival of the self, rather than the survival of the species. In short, what makes my life confusing for many, and in particular women, is that it is directed at the highest purpose: Survival as a planet!

    You are not truly spiritual unless you are working towards this goal. Everything below this tends to be directed at the self. In fact, most people are in religion because they fear being punished by God, and not exactly because they care about the world.

    As I understood, many of them are actually happy that the world is in constant conflict, as it gives them a stronger sense of security and certainty in their group and beliefs.

    There's no point in investing in things that won't change, and most people really don't change anything. They don't evolve! Which doesn't mean life is easier as mos
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