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Dan Builfford

  • Empleo Shiela Maehas quotedlast month
    break free from the bad habits which can only detract us from
  • thupanamolokohas quoted3 months ago
    Habit change
    can help you to recreate
    yourself and transform
    your life for success
  • Alexanderhas quoted2 years ago
    Leo Burnett once said it (when you reach for the stars, you may not quite grab one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either)
  • Alexanderhas quoted2 years ago
    a study which had followed a social network of 12,067 persons for 32 years (1971 to 2003) found that having an obese friend can make you more .likely to become fat yourself.
  • Alexanderhas quoted2 years ago
    In fact, some research studies have even shown that candies that are contained in a transparent container are consumed quicker than those that are contained in an opaque container. And the obvious reason for this is that the candies in the transparent container are more visible and accessible and so more tempting than the candies in the opaque container.
  • vllearhas quoted17 days ago
    I am easy to manage, but be firm with me. If you’re firm with me, I’ll put the world at your feet, but be easy with me, and I will destroy you.
  • vllearhas quoted17 days ago
    Habits have to be given thought. They have to be planned and managed. One ought to occasionally take stock of one’s habits, review one’s good or positive habits, recognize them and deliberately devise ways to maintain and preserve them.
  • vllearhas quoted17 days ago
    At the same time it is also important to identify your negative or bad habits, acknowledge them, understand their short-term and long-term consequences in your life, and then determinedly work on them, one after another, until you eliminate them from your life
  • vllearhas quoted17 days ago
    with a good plan and determination
  • vllearhas quoted17 days ago
    recruiting those habits
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