Steven Sawicki

His short stories have been published in Plot, Read Me and Shadowsword and online at Minds Eye Fiction. He has had a novella (Invisible Friends) published in the Spring 2001 issue of Absolute Magnitude, a short story in the 2001 Transversions anthology and a short story in Reality Escapes. His opinion pieces have been published in Between Dimensions and Pirate Writings. he has written eight screenplays, including an adaptation of Piers Anthony's On a Pale Horse. His review work has appeared in; Absolute Magnitude, Tangent, 2AM, Science Fiction Review, Fantasy Commentator, Random Realities, Pulsar, Heliocentric Net, Cinefantastique, Movie Club, Keen Science Fiction, Middle Georgia Web Magazine, Knightmares, Dubious Matter, Wonderdisk, Random Realities, OtherRealms, Midnight Zoo, Zero Gravity Freefall, Summa Nulla, and other places. He wrote the longest short fiction review column in the world for Science Fiction Chronicle. He also had review columns in Fantastic and Dreams of Decadence and he reviewed small press for Scavenger’s Newsletter for 13 years.For the past few years, he has been collaborating with novelist Barbara Chepaitis. So far, they have written a teleplay, four screenplays, and a novel and are working on more.He has had the usual assortment of jobs that writers seem to collect: cook, gardener, package handler for UPS, warehouse work, inventory, promotion for two different radio stations (country and rock & roll), and a lot of work in human services. He also did some modeling for internationally recognized civil war artist Don Troiani who produces limited edition prints. He has his my CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) competition license and he races when he can. For full time work he has primarily been a program director/program designer/grant writer in the non-profit arena.
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