William Carlos Williams

    HThas quotedlast year
    If you had come away with me

    into another state

    we had been quiet together.

    But there the sun coming up

    out of the nothing beyond the lake was

    too low in the sky,

    there was too great a pushing

    against him,
    HThas quotedlast year
    Covertly the hands of a great clock

    go round and round! Were they to

    move quickly and at once the whole

    secret would be out and the shuffling

    of all ants be done forever.
    HThas quotedlast year
    who am I...?

    And amazed my heart leaps

    at the thought of love

    vast and grey

    yearning silently over me.
    HThas quotedlast year
    You will not succeed. I am

    bound more to my sentences

    the more you batter at me

    to follow you.
    HThas quotedlast year
    the complicated details

    of the attiring and

    the disattiring are completed!

    A liquid moon

    moves gently among

    the long branches.

    Thus having prepared their buds

    against a sure winter

    the wise trees

    stand sleeping in the cold.
    HThas quotedlast year
    Subtle, clever brain, wiser than I am,

    by what devious means do you contrive

    to remain idle? Teach me, O master.
    HThas quotedlast year
    Love has not even visited this country.
    HThas quotedlast year
    wife’s new pink slippers

    have gay pom-poms.

    There is not a spot or a stain

    on their satin toes or their sides.

    All night they lie together

    under her bed’s edge.

    Shivering I catch sight of them

    and smile, in the morning.
    HThas quotedlast year
    forks and crumbs and plates

    the flowers remain composed.

    Cooly their colloquy continues

    above the coffee and loud talk
    HThas quotedlast year
    unlacing them

    stand out upon

    flat worsted flowers

    under my feet.

    Nimbly the shadows

    of my fingers play


    over shoes and flowers.
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